Meet Haley, Founder of Aurose Beauty

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A Little Bit About Me

Hey, I’m Haley! I’m a Portland native and dog mama of two adorable bulldogs and I am on a mission to make this world a happier and healthier place. When I’m not pampering women with tans all around town, you can find me cooking up a storm in my kitchen, hosting friends, or going on an adventure with my boyfriend and my pups.

Haley + The Sun = Love Affair

Growing up, you could always find me in my backyard, lathered in oil, working on my tan. If the sun was out, I was there. When I got to high school, I started using tanning beds in order to keep that glow all year long. As much as I loved having a tan, deep down I knew it was hurting me. For years, I had heard the warnings about skin cancer and premature aging, and I couldn’t ignore them any longer. I promised myself I would never use a tanning bed ever again.

I completed my degree in Exercise Sport Science, and I moved to Sydney, Australia. it was a revelation! All of the girls in Australia had beautiful spray tans, so I started getting them, too. I loved the feeling of having beautiful glowing skin in just a few hours, with no skin damage required! I became more passionate about skin care and sun safety as the months went on, and even had a few mole scares myself (PSA: check your skin everybody). Luckily everything turned out okay, but I was a changed woman. I would never step into another tanning salon or spend an afternoon laying out in the sun… not without a heavy SPF anyway!

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The Birth of Aurose

I always wanted to have a business of my own. The thought of building something from the ground up, and taking full ownership of it is something I have always dreamed about, but I never knew what it was going to look like. I thought back to when I was living in Sydney, to the moment I first discovered mobile tanning. I couldn’t get out of my head how unique and convenient the process was. It got me about the things I am most passionate about: skin care, sun safety, helping others, and let’s be real, a great-looking sexy tan.

It become obvious that a mobile airbrush tanning business would be the perfect business for me. I looked forward to creating something on my own, and spending my time showing others the same process that had made me so excited when I first encountered it. Having my own business would also allow me to create my own schedule so I could make room for the other things that are important to me, like volunteering in my community.

Within a few months, I was back in school getting certified to be a licensed esthetician so I could perform spray tans and other beauty services. I learned SO MUCH about product ingredients, treatments, and the largest human organ, our skin!  


My goal for this journey that I’m on is to create something that is more than just a business. I want Aurose to be a platform that I can use to educate others about sun safety, skin cancer awareness and prevention, where I can share skin care advice, and of course tips to achieve a healthy, gorgeous glow! If I can convince just one person to stop using tanning beds or to be more mindful in the sun, I'll be so happy!

I hope you’ll follow my blog and my social media channels where I will share my knowledge and announce any special offers or events that come up.

Stay tuned!

xx Haley

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